Live Streaming

The 2017 General Assembly worship services and GA plenary meetings will be live streamed for online viewing (Note: SDMI, NMI, GNEC, and NYI plenaries are not able to be broadcast). For Spanish, French, and Portuguese, interpreters' audio will be included. Services will be archived and posted for additional/later viewing.

The service schedule for Sunday morning, 25 June, including music selections, can be downloaded by clicking here (All times Eastern Daylight Time. For the official time in Indianapolis, click here.). Archived service broadcasts are available below.

Day/Date/Time/Speaker (All times Eastern Daylight Time)

Thursday 22 June, Gustavo A. Crocker
Friday 23 June, David W. Graves
Saturday 24 June, Jerry D. Porter
Sunday 25 June, J. K. Warrick
Sunday 25 June, Eugénio R. Duarte
Monday 26 June, Quadrennial Address, David A. Busic
Text (PDF): 2017 Quadrennial Address

Election of Dr. Filimao Chambo
Election of Dr. Carla Sunberg

For archived plenary broadcasts, go to