Suggested Tipping

Recommended Gratuities

As we represent the Church of the Nazarene and even more so, Christ, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, it is hoped that the city will be pleased that we were their guests and see the love of God in and through us. One way we can accomplish this is through our gratitude to those who serve us. 

In the USA, employees in the hotel and restaurant industries expect a tip as a common courtesy.  For your convenience, a modest guide for tipping would be as follows*:

Food Servers/Wait Staff: 15-20% minimum

Room Service: 15% (unless already included in charge)

Bell Stand (baggage assistance): $1 per bag

Housekeeping: $1-2 per day (single occupancy), $2-4 per day (double occupancy)

Skycap: $1 per bag

Airport Shuttle/Taxi Service: $1 per bag (group), 15% of fare (individual)

Gate Ten Shuttle Driver: $2-3

Valet: $1 per vehicle (at each arrival and departure)

Concierge: $5-10 average (depending on situation)

Other: $1 (if someone brings something to your room that you requested, i.e., extra towels, etc.)

*All currency expressed in US Dollars